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Digital brand guideline tool for visual design & audio branding studios, individual designers & advertising agencies

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Much faster, easier and more professional way to make, manage brands’ online & offline styleguides

Manage all your brands

Support multiple brands and sub-brands. Unlimited levels for every possible size and difficulty of the brand.

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Create brand guidelines easier and faster

Create or change brand's vision, logo, sound, colours, anything — it is instantly accessible to every involved user. No more countless and outdated .pdf files.

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Share brand guidelines with privacy

You decide who will be able to see all guidelines or only some part of it. Also restrict access to your brand’s assets.

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Modules for brand's every stage of evolution

Small brand or world's biggest corporation — modules made for every occassion starting from logo, typography, brand vision, voice-over samples, sound patterns, web, app, print, POS, etc.

Future development

Plugins for Sketch & Creative Cloud

Designer always wants to work efficiently - turn on Sketch or Photoshop and just drag ’n’ drop latest brand visuals made by brand’s headquarter.

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Reveal and develope core identity to employees
Made for Print & Web design guidelines
AI will help to create brandbook much faster and more professional
We believe in core

Every brand always starts from a rough idea but only the strong ones are grinded to brilliance. We call it a Core. To support and develop stronger brands the Corebook was born.

Print guidelines

No more pointless .pdf files. Make or use usable brand styleguides - be up to date and download latest assets, save your and other designers time.

Web guidelines

Size of the digital world is increasing unstoppable. It is crucial to take care of brand in the world wide web so it works and feels the same for everyone on the other side of the screen.


So far you have seen brandbooks in .pdf and it is not the most responsive format. Corebook is made fully responsive so you can present your brand on every screen in any dimension.

Brand is alive. Take care of it.